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How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book

Mary Carroll Moore featured in the New York Times

Your personal experiences on coping with, and surviving change, makes you a insightful expert on this topic. —Leslie Myers, Soundworks Radio, Bellingham, WA

This book has the wisdom of a Celestine Prophecy or an Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, in down-to-earth language. Read it one chapter at a time, preferably with a journal and pen handy, and watch your own turning points evolve.
—Lorraine Buell, Monthly Aspectarian, Chicago

Insightful, humorous and charming, a must read. —Leading Edge Review

Spiritual techniques for meeting everyone's greatest challenge: change, today's increasingly rapid phenomenon.
—Alan Caruba, Editor, Bookviews

We all face change every day and now thanks to you we know how to deal with it. Keep up the good work.
—William J. Horan, The Secrets of Success, Woodbury, NY



With storyboards, collages, image-based writing exercises, and charts, Mary Carroll Moore shows writers how to really see their writing in a new way. Her book-structuring method teaches them to zoom out from the detail level of sentences to see the big picture of the entire book. This ability to control focus— from words and sentences, to scenes and chapters, to the wide angle of themes and flow—is crucial. Your Book Starts Here is a valuable resource in developing this skill. —Roseanne Bane, creativity coach and author, Dancing in the Dragon’s Den: Rekindling the Creative Fire in Your Shadow

I came to Mary Carroll Moore’s workshop on “How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book” filled with ideas, thoughts, and feelings—all inchoate—about the two books I wanted to write, but I had little thought of how to begin. I was all creator and no editor. The practical information I gained in one short day gave me exactly what I needed to get going—ideas on tag lines, storyboards, focus statements, finding a form for my book, organizing the material. I can’t imagine anything more useful, for someone who wants to write not just a book but a good book, than Mary’s methods. It’s like flopping around scared in the ocean and having a lifeguard come, kindly pull you out, and teach you how to swim. —Sharon Charde, six-time Pushcart Prize nominee and author, Bad Girl at the Altar Rail and two other books.


Your Book Starts Here

Winner of the 2011 New Hampshire Literary Awards

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From the careful dive into your book idea, through the nine elements of a great book, to the 20 stages of the book writing process, right into the world of publishing, Mary Carroll Moore has written the consummate How-To Guide for everyone who has a book percolating inside them. Your Book Starts Here can be your ticket onto Oprah!

—Nancy Slonim Aronie, NPR commentator and author,
Writing from the Heart: Tapping the Power of Your Inner Voice

Mary Carroll Moore is a superb writing coach, whose own career is living proof that her methods work. Now she has put her gifts for empowerment into book form. With specific advice, focused writing exercises and generous encouragement, her clear, personal voice guides developing writers through the process, from first steps to final launch. They—and their future readers—will be grateful.

—Catherine Watson, author, Roads Less Traveled
and Home on the Road (Minnesota Book Award finalist, 2008)

How to Master Change in Your Life
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How to Master Change in Your Life offers sixty-seven powerful techniques to embrace each challenge with courage, love, and grace. Mary Carroll Moore shows you how to not only cope with change but master it. Use change to achieve personal goals and make your life more spiritually fulfilling.

Shows how to align and harmonize our work and spiritual lives, uncovering our unique and special purpose. What could be more important?

—Bryan Mattimore, author, 99% Inspiration, and contributing editor, Success magazine

More than just about dealing with change that is forced upon you, this book gently helps you recognize areas where you need to change for personal and spiritual growth. Very enlightening and inspiring exercises.

—Jane Nelson, Ed.D., MFCC, author, Understanding:
Eliminating Stress and Finding Serenity in Life and Relationships

Mary Carroll Moore took me gently by my heart and led me through her life of victories and a self-assurance which can be found by anyone. For those of us who want to take our individual lives to a higher level of creativity and joy.

—Taylor Hay, author, Synergetics, Your Whole Life Fitness Plan

Turns the difficult times we all experience from tragedy into opportunity. Would that we all had this grasp of being on a spiritual path.

—Jim Burns, Editor, Los Angeles Times syndicate

An honest, courageous look at painful, fearful, joyful change.

The New Times, Seattle, Washington