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Can writing serve as physical therapy, as a means of healing the body as well as the mind? Author, teacher and cancer survivor Mary Carroll Moore answers with a resounding, "Yes!" . . . . She offers her students practical, hands-on writing exercises and works one-one-one with them, critiquing their work and applying her professional editing skills. She also offers an insider's look at how to sell this kind of writing in the booming inspirational market.
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You know a book is wonderful when you reach for it on first waking, though it makes you late; when you can hardly wait for the evening to come so you can read more; and when you're disappointed that it's ended. I can't imagine how Mary Carroll Moore wrote this—so many interweaving plots, such engaging characters, such vivid prose. She is truly a master.

—Judith Hendin, Ph.D., author,
The Self behind the Symptom:
How Shadow Voices Heal Us


Mary Carroll Moore has given us a romance etched in moonlight—the one we all wish we had had in our seventeenth summer.

—Ann Bannon, author,
The Beebo Brinker Chronicles

In Moore’s gifted hands, Molly is a highly nuanced yet highly believable character.

Lavender Magazine

With the eye of an artist and the expertise of a writer, Mary Carroll Moore paints a complex, textured portrait of 16 year old Molly in Qualities of Light (Spinsters Ink, 2009, 247 pp). Written with sensitivity and understanding, Qualities of Light is a rich palate that illuminates and satisfies.

—Jane Levin, Ph.D., author, Legacy

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Real-life help for everything from spiritual crisis to changing careers...all given in a humorous, down-to-earth manner that will appeal to anyone experiencing change in their lives.

—Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author,
Fire in the Soul

A beautiful, practical book filled with gems that bring light, harmony and balance into our lives.

—Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., author,
Love Is Letting Go of Fear

Mary Carroll Moore's personal experiences in surviving cancer, bankruptcy, and a host of other major life changes make her eminently capable to write on this topic. Her book presents many useful spiritual tools for anyone who wishes to move from victim to spiritual survivor.

—Harvey Diamond, author, You Can Prevent Breast Cancer!

A fine testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

—Gay Hendricks, author, Conscious Living

Your exercises and stories provide an inspirational and practical approach to the use of spirituality for enhancement of daily life.

—Michael Newton, author, Journey of Souls

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